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Flute Damage Repair

For a fourth-grader, the flute is a heavy, awkward instrument that takes time getting used to. For the pro musician, no matter how careful you are with your flute, accidents happen. Fortunately, unless it's been run over by a truck and flattened, the flute can usually be repaired. (Even flattened flutes have been resurrected although it's usually more economical to find a replacement).

Some of the flute damage repair done at MICNAP includes:

Flute Damage Repair Pricing

Often times damage cannot be seen in photographs nor noticed by the untrained eye. These include tone hole damage, bent body, broken solder joints, etc. Flute damage repair is estimated by physical inspection only, however here is a general price guide to go by.

Damage Repair Student
(Mass produced)
Dent removal Inspection only
Refit tenon $15 $20 $30
Straighten foot joint tenon and fit $25+ $32+ $40+
Straighten body (does not include pad replacement which is usually needed) $25+ $35+ $45+
Soft solder joint $25 $35 $45
Silver solder joint $25 $35 $45
Stuck rod/screw $15+ $20 $25+

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