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Flute Play Condition

Play Condition - Check pads, key corks, head joint cork, springs, screws, rods, and fit of tenons. Bent keys are straightened and minor, dents are removed. Necessary key corks or felts are replaced. Mechanisms are oiled. Each key is leveled, adjusted and regulated. Flute is play tested on completion. Includes cleaning of head joint and case. Pad replacement including labor is an additional $10 to $22 per pad depending on type of pad and instrument. Head joint corks are additional.

General rule of thumb....if less than half of the pads need to be replaced, the flute can usually be put into good play condition. If more than half of the pads need to be replaced, it's more cost-efficient and the flute will play better if it is repadded or mechanically overhauled.

Typical turn around time for play conditions is 2 to 4 days (plus shipping and approval time if necessary).

Pad Replacement - Price includes replacing pad, and minor swedging and tone hole leveling where needed.

Flute Play Condition Pricing

Play Condition Repair Student
(Mass produced)
General PC - Pad replacement not included $58 $75 $120
Pad replacement - single action key $14 each $19 each $25 each
Pad replacement - stack keys $16 each $22 each $27 each
Head joint cork replacement $18 $18 $28
Spring replacement $14 each $16 each $20 each

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